What Is A Brand Kit

A brand kit is a short and easy to use guide to your brand. It’s a quick reference to your identity that includes logos, colors, fonts, and messaging that represent your companies image, identity and tone.

Your brand kit can be distributed to owners, employees, partners, sub trades or, you can make it public.

For example the spotify brand kit not only includes visual assets but also necessary legal and licensing information for using the company’s content and metadata. As such, the kit helps protect Spotify as well as its partners, and it ensures that the brand image remains unified across customer experiences.

Why Tho

There are a lot of reasons why you would want to have a brand kit. The main and most important reason is that it prevents your brand image from becoming diluted or misrepresented.

Another great example is Netlifx’s Brand Kit

What Should Be Included

What is included in your brand kit is up to you. What matters most?

Here are some to start you off:

  • Your Logo’s
  • Color palette
  • Typography (fonts)
  • Tone