Adding Facebook Messanger To Your Website

Adding Facebook Messanger To Your Website

Facebook Messanger

Facebook messanger is a very powerful platform. You can easily implement this to your website and all of the features of the app automatically apply. You can reach out to potential customers and answer questions quickly and free!


  • Answer potential customers quickly
  • Easily have a place for customers to ask for help
  • Book Appointments
  • Use canned messages


Login and navigate to your Facebook Page

Navigate to the settings section in Facebook pages

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From there click on “Advanced Messaging”

From there scroll to the “White List Domains” section

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We need to have any domains and sub domains that might use the chat app listed here.

Then, click save

From there navigate to messaging

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Scroll down until you see “add messenger to your site” and click get started

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From here you will be able to add some customization to your app including customer flow and branding.

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You will now get your custom code for the chat app. Drop this anywhere in your code and you’re good to go!

Contact Mefor help regarding adding this to your page.