Email Marketing 101: Getting Started

Email Marketing 101: Getting Started

Email Marketing 101: Getting Started

The Facts

In astudyfrom 2018 the data shows that email marketing is still the most effective form of online marketing. With85% of adult internet usershaving an email address. That beats out search engines by 15% and social media by 22%—not small numbers in an industry that gets excited over single-digit conversion rate improvements.

thats why building a succesful email marketing campaign can be crucial for any business.

Building A Succesful Email Campaign 101

How do I get an email list

The first thing to remember is that, in Canada there are laws that state how an email list can be acquired before it is claimed as spam or even illegal. Here are some tips from mail chimp on building an email list:

  • Create a signup form on your website. When people come to your website for the first time and like what they see, they’ll want a way to stay in-the-know about your brand. Create a form for newsletter sign up and install a pop-up to collect customer data from your visitors.

  • Use a good old-fashioned signup sheet. Whether it’s at your brick and mortar store, or an event that you’re hosting or attending, when you’re surrounded by people who are into what you do, provide a place for them to sign up and learn more.

  • Drive signups through social media. If you don’t have a substantial email list (or you’d just like to see it grow), but you’ve got an engaged social media following, tap into that resource. Share your signup form on your social channels.

To add more subscribers to an existing list:

  • Host a contest or offer a discount. We’re big fans of giving people an incentive to sign up for your email list—and we know that contests work. Try offering a prize for some lucky new subscriber or a discount code for a first purchase.

  • Make your emails easy to share.When you create beautiful, compelling emails, with a lot of valuable information people will want to share them. Mailchimp gives you features (like share buttons and social media post builders) that let the word about your emails spread quickly.
  • Build a landing page. Landing pages offer one more way to grow your email list. Using your best imagery and content, landing pages give people a clear call to action and drive email signups way, way up.

Ok, so we have our mailing list… now what?

Follow through with great content

Neil Pateltalks about content inthisarticle:

Email marketing is all about expectations, and it’s up to you to set them.

If your call to action is strong, and your follow-up is consistent, then you can count on a positive campaign.

However, if you promise to send one email per week and instead send them daily, then you’re setting yourself up for failure.

On the contrary, if someone is expecting daily updates or critical product updates and you don’t’ deliver, then they are likely to be just as upset in that case too.

This is why the first follow-up email is so crucial to the success of your email marketing efforts.

I will be going more in depth in my next article on this subject. For now, focus on getting those mailing lists built up!

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